Standing Up Pouch Bag Packing Machine

Standing Up Pouch Bag Packing Machine

Standing up pouch bag packing machine is suitable for a variety of recreation food, forzen food, coffee beans, oatmeal, chips, sugar. rice, small hardware and so on. Welcome to share your requirement and ideas with us! Attn: Susie Email: Mob: +86 13928230396 WhatsApp/WeChat: +86 13928230396
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Product Details

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Model No.WP-HT5235WP-ET5235
Film Width220-520mm220-520mm
Sealing Width5-10mm5-10mm
Front Surface Width60-190mm60-190mm
Side Surface Width40-110mm40-110mm
Max. Film Length350mm350mm
Packing Speed40bags/min35bags/min
Machine DimensionL*W*H=1820*1255*1954mmL*W*H=1820*1255*1954mm
Machine Weight700kg680kg

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               Bag Former                                                       Film Pulling Belt

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                        Front Surface                                                     Back Surface

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