Black Sesame Single Head Linear Weigher Machine

Black Sesame Single Head Linear Weigher Machine

4.5L single head linear weigher for black sesame with CE standard
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Product Details

4.5L single head linear weigher Machine from Wilpac

Weighing capacity: 20-1000g         

Weighing accuracy: ±0.02-1g (based on material net weight specification)

Maximum operation speed (for non material): 10-15wpm

Hopper volume: 4500ml / 4.5L        

Control panel: 20

Maximum mixing products: 1 species

Power: 0.7KW / 220V / 50(60)HZ / 6A

Packing Dimention:860*560*940mm

Stainless steel case, flat panel, 4.5L hopper, 7 inch panel, modular control

Optional tool for single head linear weigher:

1. foot pedal device for single head linear weigher, 

2. leakage proof device for tiny material,

3. linear weigher metal support to connect linear weigher & vertical packing machine


It is suitable for weighing of flowable small granule materials, such as salt, loose sugar, seeds, peanuts, sesame, MSG, milk powder, coffee powder, seasoning, ect.


1. Grand new modular control system

2. Equipped with vibration automatic adjustment function for convenient commissioning or trial testing

3. Various materials can be mixed for weighing to achieve material mixing packing

4. Parameter can be freely adjusted according to production

5. Stepless vibrating feeding system is adopted to make products flow more fluently

Mechanical Character:

1. Sanitation with 304 Stainless steel construction

2. Rigid design for vibrator and feed pan make feeding strictly correct

3. Quick disassembly design for all material contact parts and for convenient cleaning

Personal Contact information:

Company name: Foshan Wilpac Packaging Machinery CO., LTD

Company website: (previous website)  

                     (current website)

Alibabab website:

Facebook page:

Contact person: Steve Lee   


Mobile / WhatsApp: +86-13928202330   

We-chat: Wilpac_Steve


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