Two Heads Linear Weigher

Application: Refined monosodium glutamate, seed, granola. Use the digital sensors to enhance speed, precision and anti-jamming capability. Features: 1. Stable PLC system control & high precision load cell. 2. Being used separately or combined with packing machine, check weigher or other...
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Refined monosodium glutamate, seed, granola. Use the digital sensors to enhance speed, precision and anti-jamming capability.


1. Stable PLC system control & high precision load cell.

2. Being used separately or combined with packing machine, check weigher or other packing related machine.

3. Weighing error can be automatically corrected, vibrators amplitude voltage is adjustable.

4. Self-diagnose function on the electronic boards.

5. All stainless steel construction, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant.

6. Maintenance Screen allows individual devices to test individually or group function.

7. Glass door protection is available.

8. New generation design, each actuator, boards can exchange with each other.