14 Heads Combination Weigher

14 Heads Combination Weigher

It is suitable for a variety of recreation food and small hardware, such as candy, beans, chips, nuts, seeds, jelly, meat and so on, welcome to share your ideas with us! Attn: Susie Email: wlp11@wil-pac.com Mob./WhatsApp: +86 13928230396
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Weighing Heads10 heads14 heads
Weighing Range10-1000g10-1500g
Weighing Accuracy±0.1-1.5g±0.1-2.5g
Weighing Speed65P/M120P/M
Hopper Volume 1.6L/2.5L1.6L/2.5L
Driving SystemStep motorStep motor
Power Requirement220V/1KW/50(60)Hz220V/1.5KW/50(60)Hz
Machine SizeL*W*H=1620*1100*1110mmL*W*H=1700*1100*1265mm
Machine Weight380kg490kg

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