Multihead Weighing Machine

Application: It is suitable for weighing candy, seeds, jelly, pet foods, puffy foods, Pistachio nuts, peanuts, Nuts, raisins, fruits, quick-frozen foods, recreation foods, Hardware, Plastic particle, vegetables and salad, tripe, and etc. Features: 1. The amplitude of vibrator can be...
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It is suitable for weighing candy, seeds, jelly, pet foods, puffy foods, Pistachio nuts, peanuts, Nuts, raisins, fruits, quick-frozen foods, recreation foods, Hardware, Plastic particle, vegetables and salad, tripe, and etc.


1. The amplitude of vibrator can be auto-modified foe more efficient weighing.

2. Multiple-segment weight calibration.

3. Multiple-time drop and succeeding drop methods can be selected to prevent puffed material blocking the hopper.

4. The most efficient and accurate weight calculation by computer when compared to manual process.

5. Liquid crystal screen operating system in multiple languages such as Chinese and English, etc.

6. The open & close speed of the material bucket cover can be finely regulated according to the features of the measured material to prevent crashing and damage.