Tin Can Bottle Semi Automatic Protein Dosing Powder Filling Machine Auger Filler Price

Features: The main parts of machine is made by stainless steel, which suit for GMP, Food sanitation certification, and Anti-corrosion chemical products packing; Hopper is separate from twisting shaft. Structure is reasonable and easily loading and unloading.
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 Mainly for milk powder, flour, coconut powder, powder additives, pepper powder, etc.



 1. Servo motor driving screw is characteristics of no easy abrasion, high-precision orientation, setup rotate speed, stable  performance.

 2. Stirrer’s driven by the Taiwanese motor reducer; Low noise, long life, maintenance-free life.

 3. Servo motor and servo drive controls the auger.

 4. Dust-collector set on dust material situation to absorb dust spout out.



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   Applicable packing material                                                                  



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